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NewViews for DOS

NewViews for DOS - Productivity Disk #7

CPA Cheque Printing Specifications

By September 2, 2008 all Canadian cheques must comply with new rules instituted by The Canadian Payments Association (CPA). Productivity Disk #7 (PD7) Is now available to allow you to comply with these rules.

Pricing is set at $99 for Download only, and $149 for Diskette and CD versions.
Click HERE to order it now.

Although the rules are not mandatory until September 2008, any new cheque forms you purchase now will be CPA compliant and you will need the Productivity Disk #7 (PD7) to use them correctly.

IMPORTANT! - Productivity Disk #7 will ONLY run under NewViews version 1.41b, procedure library 12. You must check your version before ordering. To check your version, you must be Inside any NewViews set of books. You can then run a procedure called SUPPORT (/Go RunProc SUPPORT) and once you hit <enter> look where it states "Procedure Library Version". If it says 12, you are on the correct version. If any other version number is displayed, you must order NewViews procedure library 12.

PD7 contains the following procedures:

  • SETUPC - A "setup" procedure with which you choose the date and amount styles to be used on checks.
  • PRTPAY & PRTCHKS - New versions of the check-printing procedures, updated to print dates and amounts in the style chosen in SETUPC.
  • Templates - Several check templates are included that are CPA-Compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What guidelines can you give me for purchasing CPA cheques?

If you can, purchase cheque forms that do not have the word "Date", the date guide characters, or the amount dollar-sign pre-printed on the form. These items can be printed by NewViews, and it makes the alignment of your template to the form much simpler if NewViews prints these items.

What templates are included?

Templates are provided for the following forms:

  • Manufacturer & Form# Layout:

    Nebs L100E L2
    Nebs L103E L1
    Nebs 9038 L2
    Nebs 9039 L2
    Nebs 9085 L1
    Nebs 9209 L1

    Safeguard SFMS01600E L2
    Safeguard SFMS01601E L1

  • Layout:

    L1 - Check followed by two stubs
    L2 - Check in middle, stub at top & bottom

  • Links:


What if you don't have a template for my cheque form?

You can modify any of the supplied templates to fit your needs - and this is now easier than it was in the past. CPA compliancy means that most cheque forms will vary only slightly from one another, so one of the supplied templates is bound to match your form, perhaps with a minor adjustment here or there.

Where can I get more information on the CPA standards?

Visit the CPA website.

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Current Version

NV1 - Productivity Disk #7

Released April 25, 2006

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